Dead Benny Mardones, the singer of “Into the Night” had 73 years

Died at the age of 73 years, the american singer Benny Mardones. The artist has fought for some time against Parkinson’s disease, and it is in light of the worsening of the disease that is switched off on the night of June 29 in his home in Menifee, next to his wife Jane. The singer-songwriter has been one of the known voices of the Eighties, one of the songs that is particularly mentioned is “Into the Night” which entered the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100, two times, at a distance of almost ten years of one another.

The success of Benny Mardones in the Eighties

In reality, Benny is a name of art, in fact the singer was born Ruben Armand Mardones in Cleveland on November 9, 1946, while his father, Ruben Mardones, Sr., was in Santiago, Chile. His childhood has been spent in Savage, Maryland. Concluded the high school decided to join the United States Navy and took part in the Vietnam war. Once returned from the war, he moved to New York to indulge his passion for music.
His career in the world of music has exploded in the 1980’s, in those years, he was nicknamed “The Voice” for her voice and performance very passionate. The single Never Run, Never Hide always of the 1980 she rose to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and catapulted Mardones in celebrity total. His best-known song, “Into The Night” has been played over 8 million times and to this day is still one of the rock songs that are most listened to in America. IN the following the dependence from the alcohol he was forced to move away from the scene.

The words of his wife Jane

As a part of his legacy, the final wish of Benny Mardones was to donate his body after death to research for Parkinson’s. The singer-songwriter has left his beloved wife Jane, his son Michael and his sister Louise. The wife, a few hours after his disappearance, she said:

‘I lost my husband and the love of my life. Not a day has gone by that Benny told me how much he loved me. When he knew that the end was coming, and near the coma, he asked me to go over and fight to sing ‘I’ve Got You “. In the last 12 years, often surprised me with the bouquet more beautiful than flowers and a card written in Danish that says “Jeg Elsker Dig” (I love You)”