Dead Silvano Silvi, one of the first Italian rock singers and the leader of the group “The Erring”

Silvano Silvi, one of the early singers of rock ‘n’ roll, Italian, voice, and leader of the ensemble ‘The Wandering’, with whom he has recorded almost all his records, has died at the Sant’orsola hospital of Bologna at the age of 83 years. His song “Write please” of 1966 was with “Operation sunshine” by Peppino Di Capri, of the same year, the first piece of music, ska, Italian.

The career between music, radio and tv

He was born in San Giovanni in Persiceto near Bologna, italy, September 12, 1936. From a young age he dedicated himself to music and, in fact, at the age of 23 years in 1959 Silvi founded the group “The Erring”. The band has undergone various changes over the years, in fact, with the first line-up lasted until 1964, to continue with the second training until 1976. In that year he composed the theme song to the Motorshow, which took as the title, “Dragster”, written on the arrangements of Fio Zanotti. After these first years spent in the world of rock music following the emergence of private radio stations is dedicated to the task of the conductor at various broadcasters since 1974 and has led some program on tv.

His autobiography

On the occasion of his 80th birthday, in 2016, Silvano Silvi has published the book titled “my life is bittersweet”. A fictionalized autobiography in which the singer tells the story, retracing the episodes of his private life and his work. The terrible years of the Second World War, then the post-War period, first loves and first jobs. There are of course the first songs and then the discovery of the great singers in rock and roll in american life-changing and inspired. Embraced rock music, in fact, began the first tour, the first orchestras. To follow, the successes and awards in the field of music, radio and television. This autobiography is, without doubt, characterized by the ironic of his author, Silvi does not tell only his life, but also depicts the contours of the last eighty years of history, with eyes pure and genuine and a hopeless artist, and dreamer.