Death of Colo Tavernier : the ex-wife of Bertrand Tavernier swept away by a cancer

Sad news for all aficionados of cinema. Colo Tavernier died in the night from Friday to Saturday as the result of cancer, announces the AFP, which reports a press release by the Institute Light. Of irish and French-Spanish, Colo Tavernier O’hagan was a writer famous, as well to the great as to the small screen.

She wrote the scenarios of some of the films of her ex-husband, the film director Bertrand Tavernier. Together, they had won the César for best adaptation for A Sunday in the country in 1985, and the golden Bear at the Berlin film Festival 1995 for the Bait, with Marie Gillain and Richard Berry.

The brilliant writer was the mother of 2 children, Nils (54 years old) and Tiffany (age 53), born during his marriage with Bertrand Tavernier (79 years old). Separated since the 80’s, the duo had continued to work together in good intelligence. This is also the director, president of the Institute of Light, which announced the death of his ex-wife in a press release : “The life we had separated but I feel an emptiness and lack. Colo formed me, shoved, makes it grow. We have raised all Nils (Tavernier, actor and director, ed) and Tiffany (a writer) which I think this morning.”

During his long career, Colo had also worked with Claude Chabrol (A case of a woman, 1988), Pierre Granier-Deferre (The Little Boy, 1995) and, more recently, in 2017, with Lidia Terki (Paris white).

“I remember a sunny personality, full of character and joy, caring and fiercely independent. As a screenwriter, Colo chose always strong stories, there was a very personal thing and drew always something very universal”, has welcomed his side, Thierry Frémaux, director of the Lumière Institute, in the press release.