Death of Guy Bedos, Nicolas says : “I have been fortunate to have a father sick”

On the 23rd of July last, when Nicolas Bedos has received the journalist of the Point home, near the place Dauphine in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, the actor and director 41-year-old had no idea that death would come once again knocking at his door. Already weakened by the loss of his godfather, Jean-Loup Dabadie, and that of his father, Guy Bedos, 24 and 28 may, he was faced with another death, that of his godmother, Gisèle Halimi. The lawyer of renown, who fought all his life to defend the rights of women, died the day after his 93rd birthday, on July 28, 2020. Nicolas Bedos was promptly paid tribute on the social networks and has shared a photo memory of their last Christmas together, in the presence of his father, frail but smiling.

In this interview granted to the Point (number of 30 July), two months after the death of her father, Nicolas Bedos comes back on his illness, of which he was the name, out of respect for his father, who has never wanted to talk about it. This terrible disease (Alzheimer’s disease), which is installed for many years and has erased many of the memories, even the most beautiful, has at least allowed the relatives of Guy Bedos to prepare for a life without him. “I’ve been lucky enough to have a father sick,” says Nicolas Bedos at the Point. He had the politeness and elegance of we send signals upstream, so that one is preparing for its demise.”

These signals, Nicolas Bedos has not had for his godfather. Jean-Loup Dabadie, academician and author of We all go to heaven, died suddenly at the age of 81 years. “I have been seized by the death of Jean-Loup Dabadie. We were extremely close. Besides, I am more in the extension of the work of Jean-Loup as that of my father. His death was not expected. I thought I was in great shape. This start of as a duet has left me speechless, ” admits the accomplice of Doria Tillier. I was relying on Jean-Loup to extend the presence of dad. At the time dad was leaving, I said to mom : ‘Like this will do us well to find Jean-Loup !'”

He told us goodbye like a prince

Nicolas Bedos explains then why his dad never wanted to talk about the evil from which he suffered. Because it was hard to face the reality that had become his daily life, and because he had the hope of finding the boards and the public. “The end of life is a humiliation when one is sick. Until the end, dad has been able to get back on stage. He has always denied his illness,” says Nicolas.

As is often the case, Guy Bedos has regained a bit of lucidity, just before pulling his reverence. “It has recovered a portion of its resources during the last nights. He went with looks and words of great lucidity. He knew that he was leaving, and he told us goodbye like a prince. He weighed almost nothing, it was only his grace,” shares Nicolas Bedos.

Not a day goes by with no regrets this man “outstanding”, just like her sister Victoria and their mother Joëlle Bercot.

The full interview of Nicolas Bedos is to be found in the issue of July 30, 2020 the Point.