Death of Michel Piccoli : his girlfriend Jane Birkin greet a man “charming”

With the disappearance of the actor Michel Piccoli, carried away may 12 at the age of 94, but whose death was not announced by his family the 18, the world of cinema is in mourning. The tributes are multiplied by the legendary Brigitte Bardot, Emmanuelle Beart. It is the turn of Jane Birkin to mourn his departure.

On Tuesday 19 may 2020, the singer and actress was invited on RTL to respond to the death of Michel Piccoli. “He was a man of impeccable, impeccable ! When one sees his career and we know that this is a man who had fought… He had no agent and yet he made the greatest movies with the greatest directors in the world ! It was affordable (…) morally impeccable. He had been with me from short films to doctors of the world. It was the fight against inequality,” said Jane Birkin.

And star british – naturalized French – 73-year-old, adding : “He was a man so funny, so whimsical and charming. A gentleman… Piccoli was a character grandiose and magnificent.” Jane Birkin, who began her acting career in the 1960s, had several times had the opportunity to film with Michel Piccoli : in The Girl expends in 1980, directed by Jacques Doillon, La Belle Noiseuse in 1991 directed by Jacques Rivette or still in Boxes that she had carried out in 2007 and in which the deceased actor played his father. The duo was also given the replica in the theatre in the room The Next False, in 1985.

“Michel Piccoli is off on the 12th of may in the arms of his wife Ludivine and her young children Inord and Missia, as a result of a cerebrovascular accident“, said the press release sent on behalf of his entourage by Gilles Jacob, a friend of actor and former president of the Cannes film Festival, of which he was a regular figure.