Death of patrick juvet: “he was so bad”, a difficult end of life

Death of patrick juvet:

It’s yann ydoux, the manager of patrick juvet, worried not to have any news from the singer for two days, who asked relatives on the spot to see what was happening before learning the terrible news: the 70-year-old artist died alone in her barcelone apartment. In Paris, those who have known him speak to tell his last years of life. This is the case in particular of the nicoletta singer, who mentioned in particular the late 1970s, a time of patrick juvet became a huge star with the tube Where are the women?.

“I’m the one who put the money on him and he set himself up with a friend. Fate wanted in the apartment above to live French producers of village people. Together, they made i love america, an international tube, and when he returned a year later, he offered me a love cartier bracelet to thank me,” she recalled.

Despite a long career, marked by beautiful collaborations and music far from the disco successes, patrick juvet lived a difficult end of life, in loneliness. He started to let go when his mother with whom he was merged died three or four years ago. Even his manager’s belly sound, by his side for twenty-two years: “patrick was a very sensitive person, he had highs and lows and suffered from alcohol addiction.

His brother’s death two years ago had affected him a lot. “No doubt his fans think very much of him in these difficult moments.