Dedigama melania, +35kg during pregnancy: pictures of her “physical transformation”

Dedigama melania, +35kg during pregnancy: pictures of her

If the arrival of a baby indisputably causes an unconditional love impulse, it also leaves traces. She must have agreed to see her body change, which was not easy. After months of effort to find the line, the wine-winner wanted to retrace her journey in photos.

On instagram, melania dedigama has therefore shared what she calls her “physical transformation” starting with revealing an image of her today, the flat belly and the very aminished silhouette. As we pass the images, we go back in time, until the period of pregnancy, and even before. “I just wanted to show you a reality that many have lived, live or live.

The first photo is a photo I took today and the last date of a month before my pregnancy,” she says in legend. And for her to testify: “I expected my body to change, but to take it more than 35 kg absolutely not! It was very hard for me, once I had given birth, to accept me as I had become.”

Dedigama melania is not tender with herself by listing its complexes: “a belly cut in two, all soft, flask, my distended skin, huge breasts that broke out at the first climb of milk.”