Delphine wespiser victim of moves and harassment: “I filed a complaint”

Delphine wespiser victim of moves and harassment:

On March 31, 2021, benjamin castaldi was in command of a new number from 6 to 7 with casta. And during the show, dolphin wespiser made some confidences about her past of Miss france. The life of the 29-year-old woman changed on 3 December 2011.

On that day, the dolphin wespiser was elected miss france 2012 in front of millions of viewers, at the end of a beautiful evening that took place in the park of exhibitions of penfeld, in guilers, near brest. Delphine wespiser has revealed that on several occasions, politicians have had moves moved towards her: “especially during the photo sessions with the policies, when one is a young miss one will make pictures with a lot of people. That’s not all, dolphin wespiser revealed that some fans were a little too obsessed with her.

If at first they were just writing letters to him, then things derailed: “They were drawing me naked and then they came to my house. The roger companion also faced rich men who told her that if she married with them, they would offer her a dream life. Today, “people don’t do it anymore,” says delphine wespiser.

They may have preferred to focus on other Miss because she is not the only one who has been victims of inappropriate actions or harassment. Recently, vaimalama chaves revealed that she was receiving denuded photos or that some had already had the walking hands.