Deva Cassel : Accused of having done plastic surgery, she said

The apparitions of Deva Cassel on the Canvas to be counted on the fingers of one hand ! Then, when the daughter of Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci put your mind to it, difficult to miss. Each one of his very rare posts collects, moreover, thousands of “likes” and comments. If many are in awe of her beauty that she takes after her famous mom, the young Deva is, like many children of stars, sometimes a victim of comments malicious.

Last Sunday, this was the case when she decided to publish a very nice photo of it in black and white. An image that wants to be artistic and rather natural, but which has not appealed to a surfer who suspected the girl of having to resort to cosmetic surgery. “Why are you not comfortable with yourself ? You were pretty before the operation, you do not need to imitate your mother and steal her identity. You’d better be yourself and find your place. You can concentrate on your talent and be a good actress as your legend of a father and a stop of driving you like an adult. Act like a teenager, because you’re only a teenager”, has-t-he writes, pointing to a correction at the level of the lips.

A comment that was an early debate, leading Deva Cassel to intervene itself. The young woman who evolves in the middle of modeling has strongly refuted any recourse to the scalpel. “Please, I’ll soon be 16 years old. It is normal that adolescents undergo physical changes, especially at that age. I’ve never considered myself to be operated on and I know that my parents will leave me never undergo a surgery to change my body for no reason. My lips have evolved like the rest of my body because it is how the human body works ! So please, think before you try to spread news as stupid and useless on the young”. A response could not be clearer, which has been welcomed by the rest of his fans.