Diam’s was 40 years ago : the evolution of his look, jogging sailing

Although she has given up music, Diam’s has kept many fans and has even made new. They are mobilized to wish him a happy birthday. The ex-rapper has been 40 years, and has spent more than twenty in the music industry, during which her look changed significantly.

Before converting to Islam and adopting the veil (a choice that was “a big shock to the French”, as she explained to the chain saudi Arab News in August 2019), Diam s is centre-stage in numerous music videos and has played concerts in a look that became a signature, consisting of joggers and sneakers ! It is the short hair and the painted face she has interpreted his biggest hits, such as Confessions night, The Patty, or even a Young Lady.

Mélanie Georgiades, has converted to Islam in December 2008. Towards the end of his career, his style has undergone some subtle changes, but visible. In his wardrobe made up of clothing further, it had adopted new accessories : the hat, to wear on a bandana, and a headgear, resting on the shoulders. This traditional cap of the peasants, arabs, palestinians, assyrians, kurds and Bedouins, serves as the origin of those who wear it to protect from the wind, the sun and the sand. The headgear became fashionable at the beginning of the years 2010 and was reproduced in many colors. It was also made popular by the late leader of the palestinian authority, Yasser Arafat, who has worked to put an end to the israeli-palestinian conflict and achieve recognition of the State of Palestine.

Now, Mélanie Georgiades performs his rare appearances wearing a veil. It is launched in the entrepreneurship religious by creating a travel agency for pilgrims wishing to travel to Mecca, saudi Arabia.