Diana : Why she didn’t like to celebrate his birthday

There are now twenty-three years since Lady Di was killed in a terrible car accident in Paris. This July 1, 2020, the princess Diana would have celebrated his 59 years. An event that she would not have necessarily celebrated with great pomp, as the mother of William and Harry didn’t like to celebrate his birthday. It is in any case that says its former head chef Darren McGrady.

In a new interview with Hello on this Wednesday, the British 58-year-old remembered of the few birthdays he witnessed when he worked for diana at Kensington palace, between 1993 and 1997 : “princess Diana didn’t really want to celebrate his birthday, it meant a year of more. So no birthday cake or special dish. She went out to lunch with her girlfriends before a quiet evening at home. With grilled fish or stuffed peppers.”

If the day was rather quiet for the main party, she was not necessarily for his teams : “The anniversary of princess Diana at Kensington palace was one of the days the busiest of the year for me. Not a point of view of food, but all of his charities and all his friends were sending flowers, so the doorbell to the back door grew louder every minute and I had to run downstairs to answer,” added Darren McGrady.

A healthy diet and pure

This is not the first time that the English chef confides on his way through the kitchens of Diana in Kensington. Vegetables and fish dishes without a sauce or meats, stuffed peppers… last January, he let go a few secrets on the food preferences of the princess of Wales, after she had managed to overcome her bulimia.

“It was so relaxed when she was in the kitchen, ( … ). Much more relaxed at Buckingham palace, had explained him who has also worked in the service of queen Elizabeth. More than thick creams and rich sauces. It was a healthy diet and the stuffed peppers were one of his favorite dishes that she ate two to three times per week. The princess didn’t eat any meat. Occasionally, she took of the lamb if she was receiving, but most of the time, it was a vegetarian. She loved to eat fish too.”