Didier Deschamps : His daughter-in-law reveals his secret to a perfect body

Didier Deschamps has one son, Dylan. This last is in a relationship for several years with a beautiful young woman, Mathilde, whom he had met during his graduate studies on the French Riviera.

A native of Nice, Mathilde has appeared on Saturday 28 June 2020 in a report of the issuance of 50′ Inside, the mag, broadcast on TF1. With her sister Pauline, she has been filmed and interviewed on the occasion of the realization of a new topic in Saint-Tropez, and his revival at the opening of the season 2020. Despite the health crisis, the paradise of the stars hopes to attract even a lot this year.

The cameras 50,’ Inside, the mag went to the meeting of an entrepreneur, Lucie Weill, who built the Lily of The Valley, a facility very posh located in la Croix-Valmer where well-being is king. More than a 5-star hotel, there are 2000 m2 dedicated to fitness. It is here that Matilda, the wife of Dylan Deschamps, and her sister Pauline have their pretty silhouettes, with yoga classes on paddle. “The benefits of the cladding, I think it is really work the deep muscles, more flexible, and work well, of course, the lap belt… to be beautiful in jersey,” testified Mathilde to 50′ Inside the mag. And the young woman can boast of having a silhouette of dream, that she exhibits from time to time on his page Instagram.

Matilda has spent the last few months on the Côte d’azur and Provence with Dylan Deschamps. Last June 23, she celebrated her birthday and had the right to an outpouring of love on the part of the son of Didier Deschamps. As for the coach of the France team football, he was seen with his daughter-in-law in the month of may, in a sublime property.