Diodato denies: “you Make some noise is not dedicated to the east, I wrote another song about you”

Make noise“, the piece of Diodato who has won the Festival of Sanremo 2020, is truly dedicated to his ex-girlfriend Levante or not? Theories abound after the triumph of the singer tarantino at the festival, accompanied by the inevitable speculation of gossip. After partial admission to Sunday’s, however, the artist has taken a step back: the opposite of what is stated in Mara Venier, the song does not talk about the relationship that is now ended with the colleague (which she also among the Big names in the race).

The track on the east is What I miss thee

In an interview with The Nation, Diodatoha denied having written “Click noise” to the east. Be careful, though, because his new album “What a wonderful life” in the output (watch the case) on the day of Valentine’s day would contain another song about her: “No, in the new album there is another piece dedicated to that experience and is entitled What I miss about you. In the piece presented at the Festival, and I told myself, fishing in my intimacy, in my life”. Therefore, a piece on Levante would be all right, but it is not a question of “Do noise”.

Diodato and Levante have met behind the scenes in Sanremo

Diodato and Levante have had a relationship lasting about two years and ended in 2019, always lived far away from the gossip and the media. It’s practically impossible to find a photo of the couple. The reports at the moment are excellent, as demonstrated by the fact that the singer cheered for the former Sanremo 2020, exulting in his victory. In the same interview, Diodato said he had talked with her at Sanremo: “During the week we met behind the scenes. And hugged each other. After the victory, no. But, because of the many messages and many calls, the mobile phone I was turned off twice and then I find some surprise when you will get back to work”.

The songs Diodato and Levante are dedicated

Whatever the truth about the “Make noise”, it is certain that the love story that united the two artists have already contributed greatly to their outgrowth as authors. By his own admission, Diodato was inspired by to the east for “Moron that you are.” She instead has written thinking of him “Antonio”, included in his album “Magmamemoria” despite being released after the break-up. A short-circuit without end, in short.