Dmx between life and death after an overdose

Dmx between life and death after an overdose

dmx is in a critical state. The famous New York rapper was hospitalized Friday, April 3, 2021 after an overdose, reports tmz. His lawyer, who evokes rather a heart attack, gave some reassuring news about his client’s state at the afp: “he was hospitalized at 11:00 yesterday at the white plains hospital.

The American site states that dmx doctors are untrustworthy and warned his family that he could never recover. Ambulance operators would have attempted to resuscitate him for 30 minutes, during which his brain would have been deprived of oxygen. The specialized site specifies that his family rushed to his bedside.

Dmx consumption problems are not new. Author of eight albums, the last in 2015, dmx exposes his inner demons in hymns that earned him both commercial and critical success. Dmx also has a beautiful actor career behind him.

He was seen especially in roméo must die (with regrettably aaliyah) and suspended (with jet li.) In November 2017, he pleaded guilty to tax evasion, acknowledging that he had avoided paying $1.7 million in taxes. He was sentenced to one year in prison and returned some $2.3 million.

Currently as a couple with desiree lindstrom, with whom he had his last child in 2016, dmx is at the head of a large recomposed family.