Donald Trump a fan of Didier Raoult ? He is taking chloroquine every day

The village idiot. Donald Trump revealed on Monday 18 may 2020, which he took chloroquine as a preventive measure against the sars coronavirus – that he is not infected -, thus ignoring the recommendations of the health authorities of his own country. “I’ve been taking it for a week and a half (…) I take one pill per day,” said Donald Trump during an exchange with reporters at the White House, which has provoked strong reactions in the scientific world and policy.

No serious study has, however, been shown to be effective against the coronavirus of treatment with hydroxycholoroquine, popularized by the much maligned French professor Didier Raoult. “I hear a lot of things extraordinarily positive” about this drug, said the billionaire republican during his press conference.

Unfortunately, the media coverage of chloroquine has led to several deaths around the world. The us Agency of drugs (FDA) had warned against the use of this antimalarial drug, “outside of a hospital setting or clinical trials”. She had particularly highlighted “the risk of heart rhythm disorders”.

Unconscious of the danger and inefficiency of the drug as a preventative, Donald Trump has praised during his press conference. “It’s not going to hurt me. It is used for forty years against malaria. (…) A lot of doctors take it”, he added, noting that he progressed with the agreement of the physician to the White House, Sean Conley.

Already more than 90 000 people have died of the Covid-19 on american soil.

According to a study published ten days ago in the New England Journal of Medicine, hydroxychloroquine administration has neither improved nor deteriorated significantly the state of critically ill patients for the coronavirus. Tests are currently being carried out on patients for the coronavirus americans.