Drake : Kylie Jenner is his “mistress” ? He says after the leak of a security

Drake has explained after the leak of an old together with the Future. In this new title accidentally revealed on Wednesday evening, Future calls Kylie Jenner of “side-piece” in his verse. An american expression so crude that means that Kylie is not his main mistress, but rather to a young lady he sees occasionally when the mood takes him.

“Kylie Jenner, that is a ‘side piece’. Yeah, I have 20 p*tain of Kylie”, alluding to the Future in the title. In his verse, Drake is a reference to the punchline referring to the sister of Kylie, Kendall Jenner. “Yeah I have 20 p*tain of Kendall. Young body end as in Vogue. Yeah I have 20 p*tain of Gigi,” says Drake in the song, also evoking Gigi Hadid.

The boss of OVO has had to apologize on Instagram after a little controversy on the social networks. “A song that Mark has played the last night during the live Night Owl should never have been played. This is a song that was leaked three years ago and which had been suppressed soon after. He just went too far in the catalogue of my feat with in the Future. The last thing I want is to wake up and see that there has been a lack of respect to my friends,” wrote Drake in a story Instagram was published on 21 may 2020.

Rumours of a brief romance between Drake and Kylie Jenner had emerged last fall, when she had “broken” with Travis Scott. It was he who had presented to Drake. Sources reported that the two friends saw “occasionally” and that it had “not seriously”.