Dylan thiry, an annual income “proche de 600 000 euros”: his new life in dubai brings him big

Dylan thiry, an annual income

We no longer count the reality-TV stars who made the decision to settle in dubai in recent years. Many reasons explain this sudden expatriation to the United Arab Emirates: a better climate, unmatched security and especially a sumptuous life. Dylan thiry also succumbed to the trend.

Candidate for 750,000 subscribers on instagram, he put his luggage in a luxury hotel room, rented year-round, the five palm. To dubai, dylan can ride in “mercedes g500 imítation marble black” (a car that can exceed 200,000 euros) as we learn from the magazine gq that has conducted an investigation into the fruitful business of influencers. Very honest on the subject, the barely 26-year-old man entrusts that his move “is especially for taxes” because there is no taxation on corporations or incomes.

So everything dylan perceives comes directly into his pocket. “there are months when I make a product placement to 18,000 euros, others to 40,000. “He estimates his annual income close to 600,000 euros”.

To arrive at this point, dylan thiry, like his companions, had to agree to draw a line on his privacy. The handsome blond is then forced to spend an average of 4pm on his phone, “two nothing but on instagram”. The ever more demanding demand of the public, which wants “everyday more sacrifices, transparency, beauty, clashes.

Actually, I’m pretty pudic and I had to go against what I really am. If you want to stop, you cut off your phone and you’re gonna work at auchan.”