Edoardo Vianello: “Rewrite the Watussi? You should first break down the Pyramids and the Colosseum”

Contextualization is a word that is heavily used in the last few weeks, given the topic more prominent of the cultural symbols down because it is no longer in tune with the times we are living in. The question is added, in the last few hours, the opinion of Edoardo Vianello, singer known for dozens of hits, such as the Watussi. The song, which refers to the Tutsi, and speaks explicitly of the negroes, contains content that would be obviously considered intolerable to say the paroxysmal if they were proposed today.

But Vianello, that the song, published in 1963, answering the questions of the Fifth Republic, defines that song a world heritage site and says that it would never change the text: “When I wrote I used the knowledge I had been taught at school. Change the text of the song? It is a world heritage site, the first you should tear down the Pyramids, and the Colosseum… If I had written it today, I probably would have followed the politically correct”.

Because the hypothesis to change the text of The Watussi?

In the wake of complaints born from the story of the murder of George Floyd, has pervaded the most unexpected areas of discussion, bringing to the strand iconoclast who in recent days has led to the centre of the public discussion of the theme of the destruction of symbols and monuments of the past, unsuited to the common sense of the contemporary. By the destruction of monuments to the suspension of such films as gone with the Wind, through the marketing of confectionery products like the “moretti”, up to the statue of Indro Montanelli, again stained for the recalled story of a marriage with a girl of eritrea of 12 years, which has divided public opinion. The question Vianello engages in this discussion about the removal of the symbols for the font anachronistic a text that is written in an age in which the use of certain words and a certain way of thinking were rampant.