Elena Santarelli, the birthday of the daughter Greta is very cute and… by the inmates

Elena Santarelli celebrates his daughter Greta, who turns 4 years, with her husband Bernardo Corradi and his eldest son James, 10 years. A very sweet moment of family celebration… format quarantine PRIVATE |

Elena Santarelli on tv between tears: “My son, James, was healed from brain tumor”

“BRING the MUSIC IN OUR HEARTS” – “my star, my Love, our little Greta today makes 4 years. You are born on the 25/03 like the great Mina, ports every day the music in our hearts, with your sympathy, your creativity and your particular character, full of nuances, you are unique Greta, happy birthday the Love of a mother,” writes Elena on social. And thanks to the followers who send greetings to the little girl of the house: “Thanks to all for the good wishes, we are grateful to be with our children in the home and in health”.

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“WE IN the HOUSE WITH THE KIDS AND THE DOG in SNOW “- Already, because Elena and Bernardo have behind us a period of hard: the disease of “Jack”, the brain tumor which is cured after years of treatment . “I’m a little tired of seeing people complain,” says the showgirl in a video posted on his social. “… the path to the house and see my children run, smile, is also fighting… they are in good health as well as all members of my family… I look at then my dog Snow, and I am grateful to have you with us, because a dog helps children to feel less alone, fills the day, housewives and also makes us laugh because when it comes to carry it off, you roll the dice to see who will gain the exit to the calls of nature… “.

Elena Santarelli, for the first birthday of their daughter Greta… what a great holiday house Corradi –

“THINK about WHO REALLY SUFFERS” – “We are locked in the house, but there are people who are locked up in the hospital for months… the mask-the mothers of the children are immunosuppressed know them well, they should always wear and know well how to be sweltering then you will not complain if for thirty minutes you have to wear them to go to the supermarket or the pharmacy… now I tell you the thing that I destroys more, and for which I do not do peace,” continues getting very emotional visibly, “the funeral you may not celebrate, the cancer is not stopped as well as many other diseases…. we write all the good reasons to be happy despite the tragedy, to smile… a kiss from a mom who has spent a small storm and that he has learned to smile more.” And commit the other with the non-profit organization Heal, founded by families of children affected by brain tumors and by physicians, nurses, and biologists.

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