Ellen Pompeo unrecognizable : she is sharing a lovely memory of teenage years

During the confinement, each as best he can. In America, since it is always required to remain at home, citizens continue the challenge launched on social networks, to amuse the crowd. This is probably why, on Instagram, Ellen Pompeo shared a memory of adolescence, at the request of a great boyfriend designer – rather than dressing up a simple cushion as many of its brothers and sisters. “My dear Martyn, here I am… this is me at 18 years old, she wrote. I have to admit that at this age, I was always ready to do the problems… Here with my good friend Dezi, on a Sunday evening, we were on the point of go to turn the head of boys !”

Just before taking this photograph, Ellen Pompeo was actually put on his thirty-one, in an elegant black strapless dress. At the time, she had no idea what the future had in store for him. She first worked as a bartender in Miami before moving to New York with his companion of the time, the photographer Andrew Rosenthal. Approached by a casting director, she began her career by appearing in commercials, and then she joined the cast in 1995, at age 25, the short film Do You Have the Time. The role of Meredith Grey, the one that sticks to the skin thanks to Grey’s Anatomy, did not arrive until later, after his visits to New York, judicial police, Family, Green, or even Friends…

Tiring, containment

It should be clear that she gives two or three moments of laughter. The containment, to Ellen Pompéo, has been rather headache until now. A video in which she minimized the attitudes of the producer Harvey Weinstein has resurfaced on Twitter, forcing him to defend out of the blue. “To all those who feel offended, take what I said personally, this sequence has more than two years and it was long before the history of these women may not be revealed, stated it then. I certainly did not know that he was a rapist at the time.”