Ellie Goulding : Adept of fasting, it takes 40 hours without eating

Because of the coronavirus, containment, and prohibitions of gathering, the stars of the music are deprived of their concert. Ellie Goulding does not let go and continues to produce and maintain its physical condition. It reveals to be a fan of the young, and may take 40 hours without eating.

It is with the Daily Mirror that Ellie Goulding has discussed health. The singer, 33-year-old has explained that she combined her regular practice of sport and the fast. Anticipating criticism on this usual food, it has stated that a physician had given his endorsement : “I do it in a healthy way, between the two days decidedly nourishing. The day of fasting, I drink a beverage high in electrolytes and LOTS of water (plus tea and coffee).”

“Fasting is healthy and beneficial, except if you are diabetic or if there are serious health problems. With time, I’ve been able to achieve fasts of 40 hours (I started with 12 hours). Fast time-to-time is great to allow our digestive system a break. It helps to control sugar levels in the blood, and it helps to combat inflammation, the root of all the health problems,” adds the bride.

His remarks have surprised and shocked the internet users. “You call that ‘fast’ (…), but it is an eating disorder,” wrote a Twitter user. Ellie Goulding replied : “I eat in large quantities and I do sports regularly. I am super healthy, I sometimes drink [of alcohol] in the past, I eat what I want, then I fast one day a week. I do’t starve. In regards to celebrities, I think to be a good model.”

Another user wrote : “do you Think that it is a good advice to give to young people (…) ?! In a world where everyone wants to be perfect. (…) I have myself suffered from anorexia when I was younger and to see this makes me sick !” Ellie Goulding has again defended. “I didn’t say it in the form of a board. I was asked about my health and my practice of fitness, and consider fasting for a day (more at night when I sleep) is part of it. I do it in a healthy way and am fit and in good health.”