Elton John celebrates 30 years without alcohol and drugs: “If I did that now I would be dead”

Like every year, in this 2020, Elton John celebrates the anniversary of his sobriety. Thirty years without alcohol and drugs, a fundamental step not only for his career but for life as often affirmed, and is doing again this year, in which he performs a round number. The singer wanted to share with her fans this time and did so by posting a series of photos of “birthday,” with cake the giant fruits of the forest that was, in fact, a huge “30”, greeting cards from friends and family, and of course the token of sobriety for those who can withstand without touching alcohol.

Elton John is close to death

“Reflecting on the most magical of days that I have spent celebrating 30 years of sobriety – he has written on various social network, Elton John -. So many cards of love, flowers and potato chips from my son, David, by the friends of the Program, by the staff of the office and our house.” After the thanksgiving of the heart and of the rite, however, Elton John reflects on the importance of what has been done and is speaking of himself, this time, descrivendosi as a “blessed man” and adding that this was probably due to his life. “Finally, if I had not taken the decision to make the big step to ask for help, 30 years ago, probably now I would be dead,” said the baronet.

The singer and the abuse of substances

“Thank you from the bottom of heart to all the people who have been an inspiration and have supported me during this long journey,” concluded John. The singer has never hidden her problems of addiction to alcohol and drugs, when in 1990 he decided to embark on the road to detox, to the point that even “Rocketman,” the Biopic about him to be released in 2019, doesn’t shirk from this part of the narrative, speaking also of the link between his writing and the abuse of alcohol and drugs.