Emanuele filiberto wand harry and meghan: “What a fool!” – exclusive

Emanuele filiberto wand harry and meghan:

“A silly interview”, says the descendant of the savoy house exclusively at the weekly magazine today in newsstand. “You will never be the new diana, you played badly his cards”emanuele filiberto criticism harry of England and meghan markle for the now infamous bomb interview (guard.) Thus says emanuele filiberto di savoia on today (in newsstand.)

“I find that their choice to leave England is healthy: go ahead, make your life, work, create a brand. However, I repeat, do not spit in the dish where you ate… I was saddened by the relationship that Harry had with his brother William, the father carlo and the grandmother queen”.

Speaks emanuele filiberto di savoia: “Between me and clotilde courau works because we live apart” – exclusivethe cover of today in newsstand click the photo to enlarge it“MEGHAN will never be the new DIANA” – “Meghan the new diana? Diana was an extraordinary person I had the chance to know even just before his death. Today, hemanuele filiberto also speaks of the idea of founding a new party: “There is nothing for the moment of truth.

Emanuele filiberto, his daughter victory may be queen.