Emilia (Koh-Lanta) : His marriage has not taken place, photo to mark the occasion

Saturday 27 June 2020 was to take place the wedding of Emilia (Koh-Lanta 2019). After long years of living together, the couple had to (finally) get married, but fate, or rather a pandemic, the Covid-19, has decided otherwise. Disappointed, but not shot down, the charming adventurer has marked the occasion of the cancellation of the big event on the social networks.

“It is the weekend here ! I try not to think of my wedding was to be held tomorrow. Stay positive, the health and safety of all before all. The event will be full of emotion and as it is said : ‘The best moment is waiting'”, she wrote in the caption of a photo of her, all smiles, in the red suit. Emily took the report of his marriage with philosophy. It must be said that this is nine years she is in a relationship with his beloved.

The day after this first publication, it is precisely with his half that she took the pose before you give him “see you in eleven months.” The decision of the postponement of marriage has not had to be easy to digest at first because Emily had a keen interest to the date of the 27th as we had explained in the interview : “I wanted to heart of marry me a 27, since that is our date of birth to all three, my spouse, our daughter and me. This is our date fetish. So, I looked on the calendar and it fell on the weekend of June 26-27. “

And most importantly, at the outset, it was hoped that the virus would disappear quickly enough for it to unite with his companion in September. “My husband found that it was still too early compared to the situation”, we had it explained. So it is still almost a year that she’s going to have to wait. A waiting synonymous with a fear clear, that to take weight. She explained : “I already have my dress, it is to my exact size with my exact measurements, my measurements accurate at the date of today, so if I take a gram, it’s going to be very complicated. I am so careful and I make sport.” There is no doubt that whatever happens, it will be superb on the day.