Emily Fiorelli : His new girl to the emergency room after a fall

New blow for Emily Fiorelli, his daughter Luna (2 years) again went to the emergency room as she gave it to you on Snapchat, at 23h01 accurate, July 23, 2020. The candidate of Secret Story in 2015, who is pregnant with her second child with footballer m’baye Niang, has posted a message and found the reason for this new stay in the hospital. “Still in the emergency room for Louna. This time, she hurt his arm by falling down in front of the restaurant. The doctor handed him the bone to its place, more fear than harm. When it just flows. On that note, good night”, she writes.

She then posted a video with her daughter where she explained that she has spent a radio, but it no longer hurt.

On the 13th of July last, Luna was already gone to the emergency room. Again, Emily Fiorelli had heard all about on Snapchat : “Luna has been very sick to my stomach, she couldn’t do poo poo for the past two or three days and, as a result, it has had a cap. It was impossible to extricate him. I had to go to the emergency room and I was too scared, because it was wrong.” Let’s hope that the adage of never two without three is a confirmed no.

The mom who is at the heart of the rumors saying that she and the attacker at Stade rennes FC would have broken has made another revelation. She revealed why she was exhausted lately. Emily Fiorelli has often referred to his fatigue great on the social networks and put it on the back of his pregnancy. In fact, she caught a virus as announced on 24 July 2020.

After all these emotions, Emily and Luna will comfort themselves with a output range this morning. A moment to forget all these past adventures.