Emmanuel and Bridget Macron to Brégançon : complicity and relaxation

Blazer white, john, and mine looked forward to madame, immaculate shirt and smile more discreet for gentleman : in the midst of their summer holidays at the fort Brégançon, Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte have agreed to open the doors of Brégançon for the magazine Paris Match August 20, 2020. The occasion for the presidential couple to give the interview a summer with, already, the look turned towards a back-loaded.

The president of the Republic and the first lady have joined the Var and their remains official summer on the 29th of July last, for the third year in a row. While giving a few moments of relaxation in a sunny, whether enjoying a pizza in le Lavandou or around a coffee in the terrace in Bormes-les-Mimosas with the mayor of the city, François Arizzi, Emmanuel Macron keeps an eye on his calendar and the evolution of the health crisis in the country.

Opening the doors of the fort de Brégançon, the presidential couple leaves and see the different elements that he was able to make these past three years. “Since the couple Macron is in there, all the furniture and all the decoration have changed. You can see that they receive the children, the grandchildren, because the couches are much less fragile than before, it is a house that lives”, explained Valérie Collet, of the Office of tourism of the city, at the microphone of Europe 1 on July 30. A new decoration more warm as the curious will be able to appreciate as soon as the reopening to the public of the remains at the end of the summer.

You can watch the full interview with the president and Emmanuel Macron in the magazine Paris Match August 20, 2020.