Emmanuelle Beart refuses to call Guy Béart “dad”, five years after his death

The living water the risk of running even a small moment. Guy Béart, who died on the 16th September 2015 at the age of 85 years, will be entitled to a nice tribute to family. Even three. A double album is about to see the light of day, Of Beart-to-Beart(s), in which some twenty artists – the relatives of the singer, newcomers of the French scene – revisit his repertoire. Then will follow a full scheduled for the month of September and a documentary for television. But despite the formidable archival work done by his two daughters, despite the memories that have resurfaced, Emmanuelle and Eve are still struggling to express themselves about their father.

It is very simple. When she talks of the artist, Emmanuelle Béart always does, calling him by his name. “My father”, all the better. A soft restraint which she has explained in the columns of the magazine Version Femina. “These various designations are a way of putting a distance to be able to say intimate things,’ she says. You know that I don’t like pour out my heart on the people of my family, what I have never done, nor on the men that I loved or my children… So, all of a sudden tell me that I must be some kind of a book open on the person if modesty that was my father takes me to go from Guy Béart Guy and dad. Of course, it is also to distance my emotions. Guy has his large suitcase in 2015 only. It is yet recent.”

Emmanuelle Beart remembers a man kind, but who cultivated links very special with the younger children. Small, when she was with him, she skirted Aragon, Louise de Vilmorin, Mitterrand, Cabu, Plantu, Kolinski. Guy Béart, him, preferred to address her as an equal. “This was not a man to babies or children, “she says. And I believe that it needed a certain maturity in the face to generate interest. Guy has always led to a report that an adult, even when we were small. He needed to talk to us like big people.” Today, in 2020, they are ready to take over…