“Ennio Morricone had prepared his obituary a year before he died,”

Immediately after the death of Ennio Morricone, the lawyer Giorgio Assumma showed it to reporters who were huddled together outside the hospital where a little had been given the composer the obituary written directly by the Oscar Prize. A gesture that spiazzò many but, in the words of the lawyer, entrusted to the Courier of the Evening, don’t have a lot of overtime, especially if it came from the hands of a man more aware of himself, of his own age, their own reputation, and of what will inexorably happen. “I Ennio Morricone are dead. The announcement as well to all the friends that I have always been close and even those a bit far, which I greet with great affection” this marked the beginning of the written word in which He thanked all the people who had been close to in his life and which became public a few hours after his death.

The obituary, written a year before

That text had already been prepared by Ennio Morricone a year ago. He had closed it in an envelope and entrusted to his beloved wife Mary. I have not done other than to receive it from his hands and hand it over to journalists, who stood under his house… he confided to the lawyer, one of the names most well-known with regard to copyright, among other things, and the man who in life has experienced some of the most important personalities from the world of Entertainment and Politics. Assumma explain that the composer, winner of two Oscar Awards and is the author of hundreds of compositions for the Cinema and not only, but also of pop music, “prepared by the time of his death. Normal, for the age that had. That autonecrologio that touched the hearts of her fans in Italy and in the world was the fruit of a long reflection”.

The death of Ennio Morricone

The composer died last July 6 at the age of 92 years. A few weeks before the death, the composer had fallen because of a respiratory problem and had suffered a fracture which has not recovered and subsequent respiratory problems, which led him to death, in fact, as explained in the hours immediately after Vincenzo Money, the Ordinary and primary emeritus of orthopaedics campus Biometric where he was hospitalized for the musician. The lawyer Assumma has also shared a memory of the master, talking about when he invited him to a course at the Luiss university, in which she revealed to the students his five rules: “in The end, he was touched, but mostly the guys were him.”