Enrico Macias hospitalized : “For the moment, it’s not going well”

Admitted to the emergency room after a terrible fall that occurred on may 28, 2020 in Paris when he walked in the Grands Boulevards district, Enrico Macias has been the neck of the femur broken. A terrible news for all fans of the artist, very concerned for his health. Contacted by Tele-Loisirs, his manager Jean-Claude Ghrenassia has agreed to provide some additional information on the recovery of the artist. “For the moment, it’s not going well. It comes out of an operation, it will take him a little time before surfacing. He’s going to do the re-education”, he told reporters before handing in, the more reassuring : “It will be okay in a month.”

A few weeks after being awarded the coronavirus, the lead singer of 81 years, therefore, must again face the problems of health in the midst of a crisis health. On June 5, 2020, it was the magazine France Dimanche, which had revealed the mysterious fall of Enrico in Paris, without revealing truly the cause of the accident. The weekly said about the incident : “just after crossing the street, he collapsed on the sidewalk, conscious, but unable to stand. As soon warned by his grandson Simon, the emergency services responded quickly and were transported to the hospital where, by chance, he was immediately admitted to the emergency room.” Operated on under general anesthesia, Enrico now has a prosthesis at the level of the hip joint.

After defeating the coronavirus, there is no doubt that Enrico Macias will recover and get back quickly on foot. The artist – who was confined with her grandson Simon should be back on stage at the end of the year if the health crisis, the allows in the show christened Enrico Macias & Al Orchestra.