Eric (12 o’clock) harassed : he does not want to get out of the house

Special week in The 12 Coups de midi TF1. From this Monday 29 June 2020 is disseminated on The Combat Masters. Until the 24th of July, the greatest Masters of midi will compete. Unsurprisingly, Eric, who is on the top of the podium, was invited and spoke about his new life.

Friday 19 June 2020, Eric was beaten by Colas and has therefore been eliminated at its 199th participation, with 921 316 euros of gains. A surprise for Jean-Luc Reichmann and the public who hoped to see it go even further. Since, the dad of Candice and Justine returned to Mellac, in the commune of the Finistère. And it is hard for him to walk or to do her shopping as he did before. The presenter of 59-year-old has taken the news of this great champion in the process of being issued. And the candidate who has surpassed the Christian Quesada said : “I don’t get out of the house me and everything is going well, otherwise there are the flashes of the photographers non-stop.”

But Jean-Luc Reichmann was quickly reassured by explaining to him that with time, things would calm down. “You can ask some advice of the great Masters of midi here,” continued the companion of Nathalie Lecoultre. There is no doubt that Eric put in effect a few questions on the subject if it was too hard to get used to his new notoriety.

The positive point is that he has won enough money to improve the comfort of his family. Interviewed by Tv Star following his elimination, he had confided : “I’m going to relocate to or expand the home, to offer some trips out to my family and especially to ensure the education of my daughters. It is essential for me.” Remember that the candidate will not have a 921 316 euros on his bank account. His winnings include the amounts of the various gifts that he has won through to the seven Stars mysterious as it found them. In the end, it truly touched 622 000 euros net of taxes. An amount that is just as much a dream.