Eric (Koh-Lanta) eliminated : “I can’t blame me” (EXCLUDED)

This is a new evening, high in color and rich in twists and turns that have experienced the viewers in front of Koh-Lanta this Friday, may 22, 2020. The adventurers still in contention have played the last event of this season before the grand final. The winner, Claude, was able to secure his ticket for the suite, and it is, unfortunately, Eric, who has failed and who left the game on-the-field to reach the residence of the final jury. Eric is now the point on his adventure. Meeting.

How did you feel when you have been eliminated in full test, without any mental preparation, as in a Board ?

It is true that I was very very disappointed to be released at this time. Especially as it was me who removes, I do not want that to be me. I came to this game a little too stressed, tired, too pissed off. I am very very disappointed in me, but in return, I am glad that person has had to eliminate me, that I may not be a party to a Council. I have had so many votes against me in the Council that, in the end, I was prepared, I knew that I could go out at any time. But I’d rather have lost like that to a Board, it is the others that you eliminate. It would have made me something, because I know that I had less affinity with the other.

You felt very nervous during the test as, usually, you are calm. What has happened in the past ?

I am a ball of nerves, it is not like that, but I am someone who moves without stopping. Patience, this is not my forte at all. And there, it was a game of patience, on this, it isn’t. I wanted to go too fast, and the longer it went the more it irritated me, and the more I told myself that I couldn’t do it. I put myself too much pressure. More fatigue and stress… I was going to fall.

You are the last survivor of the ex-Red, off heroes. How do you feel about that ?

I’m happy ! As the Reds were eliminated, everyone said that I would be the next, and then I stayed until the end, so it is a satisfaction ! Finally, the people had confidence in me, they gave me a accepted more and more, it is always good.

It is almost a feat… How did you manage to escape to the votes of ex-yellow ?

I had 29 votes against me, so I think I broke a record, it is an exploit yes. But I think I was very active on the camp, when we see the episodes, I go fishing, I bring back fish, I do, I do it, so people have said ‘this is not the best in sporting terms, but he gives up’. Then they started to appreciate me and I think it is this that has allowed me to go as far as possible.

You had said in a previous episode to follow the instructions that are Governed in terms of votes. Had you made a pact ?

Governed came to find me after the reunification, after Ahmad was released, to say to me ‘if you want to, you stay with us, we are going to try to vote in the other direction, we will come to see you’, and I said to myself why not. Anyway, I was a person to go out, so I had no choice. Regis came to see me first, so I followed his strategy and it has enabled me to move forward. I was obliged to follow certain people, otherwise I would have made to eliminate them.

Do you regret some of your choices ?

The vote against Jessica, it is true that… Governed came to see me after their altercation in the night to tell me he would vote against Jessica. Knowing that Governed me had saved the time before, I told him that I wanted to stay faithful to what I had said to him the last time. After, for Teheiura, if it was to do over again, I wouldn’t do this again. All the Reds are gone because of it, this was not normal. I didn’t want to vote against him, but Ahmad has a little bit everyone together, it was concerted and it was voted Teheiura. But I wouldn’t do this again if it was to do it again.

Do you understand the strategy of the ex-Yellow to remove the older heroes ?

The old hero, yes, because we, we arrived there, we was fourteen, and when we saw the heroes, we thought that our adventure was going to spend in the second plan. When Teheiura happened in the game, there was that for him. So we have been afraid to move on to the next part of our adventure. There are still 100 000 € at the end, there are strategies that have been made, it is like that. Koh-Lanta, you don’t have to be the best a sporting point of view, it must be good, and give a maximum, but should not be the best otherwise the people we eliminate for it.

Several candidates have taken to their rank on the social networks… What do you think of this ? Do you, too, been the victim of these attacks ?

This is unacceptable, it is necessary to show the example as TF1 has begun to do so, by filing a complaint against some people. Unfortunately, people do not understand that like that. But we can’t let that happen, it is unacceptable. I’ve had very, very few reviews, I haven’t watched, I watch as the good comments. I do not understand that one can arrive at this point, it is a game…

You have still made the buzz by writing “Jessiqua” when you vote against her…

(Laughter) Frankly, I was so stressed, I was afraid to go, that I didn’t even know what I had. I would have been able to write his or her name 50 different ways, but I have not calculated. We laughed after.

What has been the hardest part during your adventure ?

For me, it was the lack of landmarks. There is never hours, it is very frustrating and it confounds us completely. We go to bed at 18h and it rises around 23h-midnight, we do not know at the time that we are going to stay to sleep… So for me, it was very difficult to manage. After, of course, there’s the hunger, the fatigue also.

How many kilos have you lost ?

Almost 12 pounds. You see, I’m skinny ! My wife, when she sees me like that, and she said to me, ‘it’s not you Eric, do you pity when you see it like that’ (laughs).

How was the return to reality ?

We don’t want to come back. I would not have had my loved ones, I would maybe not even income elsewhere. No, but it is very hard, it is said, finally, ‘what is it made of ?’. It makes us realize some things that we can take time for yourself.

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