Ermal Meta delete all the posts on Instagram and announces “12”: the mystery on the project

Ermal Meta has deleted all her posts on Instagram, leaving only a video that accompanies an enigmatic “12”. Probably a short the singer will announce new releases, two years away from the last exit, or “we have No weapons,” which also contained “I have done nothing”, the song with which, together with Fabrizio Moro, has won the festival id Sanremo that year. At the beginning of 2019, then, he had published a repack, “we don’t have weapons – The” concert, the album also added his first work live. The lead singer of the origins of the albanians, then, that in recent years has gained a wider audience, aligns with other colleagues that before launching some news have preferred to do the cleaning on your social.

The clues on Instagram


A post shared by Ermal Meta (@ermalmetamusic) on Dec 9, 2019 at 3:00am PST

For the occasion, Meta has left, in addition to the post with a video that shows him in the foreground in various poses, even a couple of stories that have to do with the “12”, that will probably be the name of the new project or the new single, in addition to the collection of the stories with which he documented his tour this year. The singer, however, re-publish soon all the post remaining, as he wrote responding to a fan who struggled for this cancellation: “it is Not remained any more photos MetaMoro, no memory of the 3 Sanremo, no memory of the tour, no recollection of Forbidden to Die or Not to have weapons. Were a piece of my “history”. Are in tears,” it said in a tweet to which the singer replied: “they will Return”.

The gathering of the Wolves of Ermal on December

Who knows, maybe the opportunity to unveil the novelty will not be the gathering that the official fan club of the singer, The wolves of Ermal, to be held in Modugno on December 15. it will be the fourth meeting for one of the fanbase’s most well-known and active among those who follow the Italian artists. The singer, li will meet and sing for them in a live confidential, which will be held at the Demode Club, in fact.