Ezio Bosso is still in the hearts of fans: his album come back to be among the most played

It was to be expected that the album of Ezio Bosso go back to the top of the charts of consumption of Italian music. The disappearance of the composer, pianist and conductor – for causes related to the diseases that plagued him for years due to his illness neurogernerativa – occurred a few days ago has affected the entire Country, there were many personalities that they wanted to remember and so many people ch had evidently come back to listen to his compositions, as demonstrated by her three albums back in the top 100, with two of them who are riding on the first ten positions.

The 12th Room in the top 10

In a ranking that does not change very much and always sees the Dark Polo Gang in the first position with the Dark Boys Club, Ghali in second with DNA and Marracash in the third Person,” Ezio Bosso is back among the top positions with his debut album, which is “The 12t Room”, the album that made him known to the whole Italy, thanks to the exhibition with “Following a bird”, which is performed during the Sanremo Festival in 2016, strongly wanted by Carlo Conti. It was the stage of the Ariston, to give him the popularity vis-à-vis the public at large, the moment in which the entire Country became acquainted with this artist. A few days after, in fact, the album, which was released the previous October he flew in a top 10, and concerts that Bosso were all sold out.

The affection of the fans of Ezio Bosso

This time “The 12th Room” is back in ninth place, leading the Sony Classical back in the top of the charts. It is not a foregone conclusion that classical music enters the top 100, but on the wave of emotion and listening to its compositions, also “…And the things that remain”, that is the box set with 2 cds and 1 dvd, which collected some of his best performances, and it was published in 2016, when he signed just with Sony. Also his last album “Thank you, Claudio!” dedicated to the Maestro Claudio Abbado has done peeps, back in the 91st position, a demonstration of affection towards Bosso and his music