Fabienne Carat divorced : it reveals the reasons of his separation

Interviewed about his role in ” Plus belle la life and the blossoming of his character, Samia, in her romantic relationship, the actress of 40 years has made several revelations that have dragged on the ground staff : “I’m not accustomed to talk about my private life but I must do it : we divorced with Xavier.”

A confidence that she is today “out of respect”. “There I saw a turning point. There are a lot of interviews where I do not discuss my personal life and despite all this, there are phrases out of their context, always with the first name of my ex-partner, which is referred to as him, he wants to be quiet. I respect this. In making the announcement, I give a little bit of his freedom so that he no longer has to see his name in interviews and his personal life is respected”, she adds.

Fabienne Carat who was married since 2013 to his companion then revealed the reasons of their separation : their trades, their took a lot of time and tended to do a lot of travel. “Our professions have not left enough room for our married life“, she says. And it then specifies that this divorce was a choice made by mutual agreement. The two former are still in very good terms.

Fabienne Carat is a woman is positive and the failure of the marriage does not overwhelm them. “I have always turned every event in my life in a positive way. Of course, when we marry, we marry a priori for the whole life… But things that were thought to be eternal does not last necessarily and vice versa,” she says.

You can watch the full interview of Fabienne Carat in the magazine Télé Star newsstand on August 17, 2020.