Federico Zampaglione and Giglia Marra: “after the quarantine we get married: it will be a marriage… full of people!”

Federico Zampaglione and Giglia Marra you were due to marry in August, but the emergency coronavirus has overturned their plans. The marriage, however, is only postponed. And it will be great, as told by the actress exclusively in the weekly Today. And then: the relationship with the ex of him, Claudia Gerini YESTERDAY AND TODAY), and their daughter, Linda, quarantine the creative to the sound of music and… horror movie: don’t miss the exclusive interview – |

Federico Zampaglione, here are the first kisses with Giglia Marra –

THE STORY ENDED WITH CLAUDIA GERINI – Giglia Marra is a flower that bloomed four years ago, next to Federico Zampaglione. He had the broken heart to the end of love with Claudia Gerini. She, who we’ve seen in Team Mafia and police District, it had to be… an actress in a leading role. “We met here in Rome, in a local. I was with my friend Anna, who is a fan of his unleashed. As soon as she saw it, dragged me to the force in front of him, and obliged to take your picture posing with his idol. Anna is a stunner, I was super embarrassed, and yet, Frederick has chosen me, maybe for shyness”.

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Don’t jump down: also she is beautiful. “Yes, but you should see Anna! In fact, Frederick every so often tells me: “’Mmazza, your friend!”. You will be regretful (laugh)?”.

Federico Zampaglione, here are the first kisses with Giglia Marra –

Where there has jailed the coronavirus? “At home, in Monteverde vecchio. Luckily we have a terrace”.

You are alone? “Now yes, but Linda (the daughter of Zampaglione and Claudia Gerini, ndr) has been us for a week. Federico made himself the self-certification and went to “fetch it”: not seen in 50 days”.

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What is your relationship with Linda? “That’s great. She is a special, full of talent. He studied singing in a school musical, has upset the quarantine. We shot a short horror film, entitled White, soon we will put online. Federico is the director, the assembly did Linda, I take a lot of blows”.

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It is not that the script has sent the Gerini? “Nah! Even with her relations are very good. In the beginning there was a bit of embarrassment, then we have broken the ice, we did a lot of things all together before this virus”.

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What do you do, besides making short films horror? “We write songs, pieces of film. We despair for all these deaths, this massacre is infinite. Federico has the “fixed” boxing, and drags me to do a few rounds on the terrace. I would have the “esercizietti” mine, to keep me in shape, things are quiet, and instead I have to take the punches (laughs). Now, however, he did bring home a punching ball, and I saw that I can recite, I can devote myself to my second passion”.

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Which one? “In the kitchen. We would spend all day in the kitchen. I see the dishes of the apulian tradition, invent, study the basics. I’d like to take part in Celebrity Masterchef, or leading a culinary program. Even if the dream is that it will resume everything as it was before: I did so many auditions, there were a lot of things in the dance between theatre and tv series…”.

Closed in the house, many couples are at risk of bursting. “We stand well. The only “front” the open is one of the cleaning: he accuses me of being a freak of order, I have crowned the king of the crumbs. He lives in his world of the artist, leaves all around. The strozzerei!”.

But for his birthday he dedicated one of his most beautiful songs. And on Instagram-has been called “future wife”. That is, my future wife. “Yes, we want to get married. We had chosen the month of August, and the place, Puglia. Now we have all the time to design it for good: I wish it was in the church, full of people. I wish it was the opposite of the distancing social”.

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Missing just a child. In quarantine, the time is not missing… “Ah, I see that sweet we went to spicy! Yes, we are working on it. Even if it is not exactly a job. Or am I wrong?”.

Alessandro Penna