Fedez and Michielin: “Call me by name is a song with so many strong feelings”

Fedez and Michielin: “Call me by name is a song with so many strong feelings”

They were among the most anticipated competitors of the singing event, between anticipations of the song and the possibility of a participation that could be cancelled, but Francesca Michielin and Fedez arrived on stage of Sanremo and performed in their “Call me by name”. A moment that has left the emotion of the Milanese singer on stage, connected with the rods of the two microphones, to his partner Francesca Michielin. A song that invokes so many very strong feelings, such as love, anger, dream and hope, on a stage that at this moment is “the only theater that allows artists to perform live”, as Fedez said.

A spotlight on them, who also wants to be moved on everything that needs to be enlightened at this time, a world of culture left to itself. Fedez: Actually, I’m fine. I did my things and I’m fine.

Michielin: I’ve been sick for three days, but what do I do? The first night for me is always complex, then from the cover I will have more fun I think. Michielin: “Today I have a shirt that doesn’t give me, I run into the park of my area.

In fact, he starts immediately with the concept of dream, with the concept of hope. After Federico arrives with the concept of anger, there are many feelings before the concept of love, of couple. To what extent did pandemic influence the writing of the song?

Fedez: It is inevitable in everyone’s life, I also believe in the work that you do, that somehow what we have lived has influenced everyone’s work. Really the Ariston today represents the great privilege of the only theater that allows artists to perform live. There was the desire that the lights of the Ariston could illuminate even the realities that cannot be enlightened today.

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I’ve never spared my crying, let’s say, when there was something to do with it. That’s why I’ve been pranked by my environment, just remember the joke I’ve been making.