Fedez in Sanremo 2021: “Because I cried after the performance with Francesca Michielin”

Fedez in Sanremo 2021: “Because I cried after the performance with Francesca Michielin”

Among the key moments of this sanremo Festival 2021 you can definitely not mention that of the tears of Fedez on stage, after the exhibition with Francesca Michielin. The obvious agitation of the rapper during the first evening, with the face drawn during the performance, has already become the subject of a small social torment. Once he finished singing the song in the race “Call me by name”, the two embraced and Fedez dissolved in tears.

To tell what was behind that emotion was himself, in an interview with the Corriere della Sera. I’ve been living in semilockdown for months with a pregnant woman, maybe we have synchronized hormones. Then there were the ups and downs of this adventure as the risk of exclusion…

He and Michielin performed with a white ribbon that binds their two microphones, to symbolize the social space imposed at this time: “Two exact meters. White symbolizes the white page, light, rebirth.” The backstage on the backstageEventually, however, the two canceled the distance and embraced.

Michielin praised the sensitivity of Fedez: “Federico I like it because it belongs to a world, that hip hop, which is usually machista. Did the artistic couple also unveil what happened behind the scenes in minutes before they got on stage? Francesca told me to stop and not mess it up.

I stopped and shouted the name of Kobe Bryant: I love basketball and he’s a champion who always inspired me. Michielin admitted: “I thought about Rino Gattuso. Fedez and Michielin ranked in Sanremo 2021The balance at the moment is positive, since Fedez and Francesca Michielin occupy the seventh place in the provisional general classification given by the demoscopic jury.

This is the current order of Big:1 Ermal MetaA million things to say2 AnnalisaTen ten3.