Finale de Koh-Lanta 2020 : Naoil big winner, Ahmad settles accounts !

They were three poles : Claude, Inès and Naoil. It is ultimately up to the sports Naoil who has won the legendary race ! The young woman has chosen Ines as an opponent in the face of the votes from the final jury. The two adventurous, therefore, are the finalists for this Koh-Lanta, the island of heroes (TF1).

Final board

Pholien, Ahmad, Sam, Teheiura, Jessica, Eric, Governed, Moussa and Claude are members of the final jury who will decide between Inès and Naoil. Alexandra, who had been unwell during the event, and Charlotte are not present because they have left the adventure medical decision.

At the last board of this edition, the adventurers already eliminated discover Moussa, eliminated at the end of the event. Ahmad took the opportunity to settle accounts. As a reminder, during the meeting of Ambassadors, Musa had made a promise on behalf of all the ex-yellow : Ahmad would be the last red eliminated. Faced with the questions of Ahmad, Moussa is lost in his explanations… He said that the elimination of Ahmad has been decided in consultation with the team yellow and Claude, after that Ahmad has voted differently from what was expected.

On his side, Moussa request to Teheiura how was he able to be eliminated with Charlotte during the week of the pair and then they all possessed the two immunity necklaces. The discussion branches off and Teheiura asked Musa why he voted against him, that he thought was his ally.

The arrival of Claude, eliminated the poles, surprises everyone ! Eric, Teheiura and even Moussa say they are disappointed not to see the adventurer in the final. Ahmad took the opportunity to ask accounts to Claude on the pact which did more and earned him an elimination. The hero explained. Eric also asked a question to Claude. He wanted to know if he would have given his immunity necklace as he had promised. The answer is yes ! Everything is now clear.

Finally, Naoil and Inès arrive. Each of his congratulations to the happy finalists. The two young women recount their adventure, hoping to raise the voices of their comrades.


Now is the time to tabulate the ballots. But before that, Denis Brogniart found all the adventurers, except Benedict duplex of Martinique, on the plateau of TF1.

Inès has collected two votes, Naoil has harvested seven ! It is therefore Naoil the big winner ! In order to comply with the health rules in force, no hugs this time…