Finale de Koh-Lanta 2020 : Naoil wins the posts and chooses Inès

It’s official, the winner of Koh-Lanta, the island of the hero will be Inès, Naoil or Claude. The three adventurers are qualified for the final of the famous game of TF1. Tonight, they will face in the course of the mythical race of the poles. The winner will choose the one that will accompany them for the final stage : the final jury.

In the Face of Denis Brogniart, Inès, Naoil and Claude take their place on the poles. To start the test, the three finalists have the mission of keeping your balance on a rectangle of 23 inches by 16 inches. Everyone remains motionless, determined to win. At the end of a certain time, Claude starts a discussion. After an hour, they are all very concentrated and Denis Brogniart announcement that things get difficult : the surface of the rectangle on which they stand is reduced to 18 centimeters by 16 centimeters. Inès had already anticipated the point and was pre-placed on the left side of the platform. But Claude and Naoil remain also very stable after this first step.

A duel Claude VS Naoil

Already an hour and forty five minutes as the adventurers stand right. And a new difficulty adds : Claude, Naoil and Inès are going to have to stand on a platform 18 inches by 10 inches. This is the front part of the rectangle that is removed. At this point, all switch. But only Inès fell after two hours and eight minutes of test. A nice performance for the young nurse !

The two adventurers are the best they can. Then that Denis Brogniart is announcing the next step, Claude vacillates and falls into the water ! It is therefore Naoil the big winner of the event posts. The sport has taken two hours and thirty minute.

Naoil is a finalist. Now she has the daunting task of designating which of Claude or Inès will face the final jury. She chose Inès, her ally from the beginning of the adventure. To justify them, Naoil explains that Claude and she “does not play in the same category”. The hero, adventurer par excellence, digests poorly the new. It should be said that after three adventures, the legend Claude deserves his place in the final…