Fire in Anglet : Amélie Mauresmo at the edge of the disaster, impressive image

Friday, July 31, in the morning, France discovered with horror the images of the spectacular fire that started Thursday evening in the forest of Chiberta, in the heart of the city of Anglet (Pyrénées-Atlantiques). If the flames are now under control, the grief is immense, the losses also. Alexandra Rosenfeld and Amelie Mauresmo have been particularly affected.

On Instagram, the mom of Jim (7 months), born of his love-affair with Hugo, Clement and Ava (9 years old), whose father is Sergio Parisse, has shared his punishment on Instagram by posting a video from the Huffington Post which explains the situation in pictures. “How sad” she commented with a smiley broken heart and another with two hands that pray.

Amélie Mauresmo, who lives not far from there with his family, has taken a photo of the drama from her home. It reveals the thick smoke in the sky. “Forest of Chiberta”, she simply wrote with a smiley face that is crying. Laure Manaudou post pictures of his children, Ayla (age 3) and Aaron (4 years old) playing in the garden located not far from this forest, the real lung of Anglet.

The fire is a real drama as 165 hectares of vegetation were destroyed. And as he did know Claude Olive, mayor of the city, to the AFP : “Any risk of recovery is not ruled out.” On the human side, the balance sheet is as heavy : sixteen people were intoxicated without gravity by the fumes and eleven homes were affected by the fire. The rescue teams helped the hospital care of 6 people, 5 police officers and 1 firefighter, according to the prefecture. In total, 150 firefighters who fought the flames.

The origin of the fire is still unknown.