Flavie Flament cuddle with his son : a Top Leader of the feast

Flavie Flament could not be more happy. Despite the years that pass, the facilitator sees the scroll with the two men in her life, her son Enzo and Antoine. Thursday, July 2, 2020, she celebrated her 46-year-old with them, as she has been able to prove it on Instagram. Through the two shots, she appears to be smiling and the angels trying to make them cuddle. “Precious”, caption it with simply love. “Beautiful pictures and Flavie still as radiant,” says an internet user to reason.

To believe his stories, the small family spent the evening at l‘Atelier Pierre Blood, the parisian restaurant of the chef Korean revealed in Top Chef in 2011, where he was then hoisted up to the finish of the program.

While Enzo, 16 years of age and born from a love between her mother and Benjamin Castaldi, continues to go to school, Antoine, he has already found his path. 24-year-old, the son of Bernard Finney, ex-husband of Flavie, evolves in fact as a photographer. His famous mom did not ever make him the ad on their social networks. He notably had the chance to capture in front of his goal with the portraits of celebrities such as tennis player Rafael Nadal, the Miss Laury Thilleman, or still, the actresses Diane Kruger and Penelope Cruz. In short, as many of the stars that make him a photographer to be asserted and recognized.

What you need to make proud his mother who, on his side, had returned to animation to television on M6, with The Workshop, a program on the artisans in 2019, after almost ten years of absence.

As regards his private life, Flavie Flament provided in the pages of Paris Match in November last year to be still single, confirming that her story with her boyfriend Vladimir was beautiful and finished well. A situation that will not lament as she explained. “I feel very loved by my children, by my friends, but I am single, free. I love the solitude, I’ve tamed. Even when I saw a beautiful history, I need from only two or three days to write, to think, to cry in a small chapel or walk for hours”, said she.