Florent Manaudou on a cloud with Pernille : anniversary full of love

Florent Manaudou is a happy man and now it’s been several months that he does not cease to shout it out on Instagram. The swimming champion 29-year-old and in a relationship with another queen of the basins, the Danish Pernille Blume. Madly in love with the pretty blonde, the little brother of Laure Manaudou has once again testified to his love on Thursday 14 may 2020.

This date is not a day like any other for Pernille Blume since it is his birthday. The olympic champion of the 50 meters freestyle in the olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro in 2016, has just turned 26 years old. A new year, Florent Manaudou did not want to let pass and he celebrated like it should be by posting a loving message on his page Instagram. “There is nothing else to see here, except a pair of twisted madly in love. Happy birthday my little pilot-fish”, he wrote in the caption to several photos of Pernille and her.

Pernille Blume is already fully part of the family Manaudou, since it has also received a “Happy Birthday” to Laure Manaudou. The wife of Jérémy Frérot has published his message in the comments section.

Thanks to the first photo of Florent Manaudou, it is discovered that he is in a relationship with Pernille since, at least, since the month of January. Indeed, Pernille Blume was unveiled in the same frame near a swimming pool and not far from the sea, on the 22nd of January 2020 on Instagram. At that time, the swimmer had not shown that Florent Manaudou accompanied him, preferring to publish photos with a friend. These images were taken in Cape Tow, South Africa, a trip which had also participated Florent Manaudou.

This is only a month later, on February 14, for Valentine’s day, that the two swimmers had decided to formalize their love story. Florent Manaudou had created the surprise, as he had not said to be separated from the tennis player Alizé Lim with whom he remained as a couple for a few months.

Although a native of Denmark, Pernille Blume has not left his man for the containment. They remained at Marseille, where they have taken advantage of these past two months lovers. Pernille has even agreed to pose nude in bed for her lover, a photo she shared on march 29, revealing in passing his brand of swimsuit.