Francesca Sofia Novello and coexistence with Valentino Rossi: “Test passed… with honors!”

Francesca Sofia Novello confesses in an exclusive interview with the weekly Today, on newsstands now. The model has spent the quarantine in Tavullia with the boyfriend, Valentino Rossi. And tells Today how was it PRIVATE | |

Francesca Sofia Novello on the red carpet with Valentino Rossi: that crash! –

“OUR QUARANTINE Of LOVE” – “at The beginning of march I was down to Tavullia to relax. I would have had to stay a week, but is tripped the lockdown,” says Francesca Sofia, in an interview with Today. “In this tragedy is immense, I had a small, great consolation: to pass the quarantine with the boy I love.”

Francesca Sofia Novello and Valentino Rossi are ready… at the wedding! –

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!P!Oggi!IS!0020.2020!N!20 COVER DIANA!E!.pdf“BREAKFAST, TRAINING AND LUNCH FROM HER MOTHER” – But the test-coexistence has been exceeded? “Not exceeded, and more: overcome with praise. For the first time we have lived together for a long time, alone, and there were no surprises: we’re great, we’re in love and happy,” the model says that the italians have known at the last Festival of Sanremo. Today, Francesca also reveals their routine: “We wake up later in the day, we have breakfast, we train and then we go for a walk with our two dogs, Penelope and Ulysses. At lunch and dinner we eat by Herself, the mother of Vale, which is very good. Then, the marathon of movies and Tv series through the night”.

Francesca Sophia Novello, the great celebration for the 40 years of Valentino Rossi: “And now a son!” –

“I LAUNCH MY swimwear LINE” – AND tells of his plans: “I Had a lot of projects related to fashion, interrupted for the emergency, but the health is first of all. However, I did have time to launch my own line of costumes, Envidiame. And thanks to technology and imagination, I continue to work: I take care of my social profiles, I am shooting with Facetime”.

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