Francesco Guccini: “After the coronavirus we will not be the best, we forget always the tragedies”

We will not be the best after the pandemic. Is the opinion, disillusioned, and anything but trivial, Francesco Guccini, who tells of her life at the time of the coronavirus in a radio interview with A Day by Sheep, on Rai Radio1. And it does not seem to hope for much in a future, post-disaster, as some believe, could transform us into people more good.

No, I do not believe. Even after September 11, it was said that it would have changed everything but nothing changed. If history does not teach or men who do not learn? Both of these things. I fear, indeed, that we learn, are pretty cynical from this point of view. It is in human nature, forgetting soon the tragedies of the past to resume his old life.

How do you live Francesco Guccini in the days of the lockdown

A comment more pessimistic than the one stated on Propaganda Live a few weeks ago, the singer-songwriter emilia Pavan, who is spending with serenity these months of forced isolation: “What do I do? What I was doing before, more or less. I move a little, listening to audiobooks, I write and I watch a little tv”. Curiously, the music is no longer part of his life: “No, I do not listen to for years, nothing. Not to sound even more guitar, I think I may not be the most capable, admitted that I was. What will be the first thing they’ll do when the emergency Coronavirus will be finished? I will definitely go to the restaurant with some friend.” Shame for those who hoped to hear him play “The locomotive” or “God is dead” live on social as do many colleagues in these days.

Francesco Guccini performs 80 years

The next 14th June, Guccini, will turn 80 years old. Who knows if it will be possible to return to celebrate: “When you do 80 years is not that there is a great desire to do great parties… of Course, it is always my birthday, but 80 years is a long time!”. After the album “The last Thule” of 2013, the singer-songwriter withdrew from the music scene at the end of an extraordinary career is made of 23 albums, many collaborations and a very long number of live concerts. Since then, he has chosen to devote himself entirely to a career as a writer, publishing books such as “Dictionary of lost things”, “Small manual of games once” or “A wedding, a funeral, not to speak of the cat”.