Francis and Penelope Fillon condemned : prison and a heavy fine…

The case of ‘ghost’ employees, who had pushed François Fillon to abandon his run for the presidency in 2017, finally sees its first prisoners. The former Prime minister and his wife Penelope Fillon have been convicted by the correctional court of Paris on Monday 29 June 2020. François Fillon has been sentenced to 5 years in prison, including three suspended and two farm, with 375 000 euro fine. He was also sentenced to 10 years of ineligibility.

Penelope Fillon, has been sentenced to 3 years suspended prison sentence for his jobs fictitious. The tribunal correctionnel, which did not issue a warrant of committal – has included in its condemnation of a second fine of 375 000 euros and two years of ineligibility.

Francis and Penelope Fillon, and their coprévenu Marc Joulaud, have been ordered to repay more than 1 million euros to the national Assembly (1 155 701 euros specifically), which sum had been diverted to the political institution. The tribunal has also considered that the remuneration of Penelope Fillon “absorbed the maximum possible and was not out of proportion with its activities.”

The journalist Violaine Jaussent, it was reported that the president of the tribunal had held that the amounts collected by Penelope Fillon were a “supplement to compensation” for François Fillon. “Nothing could justify the remuneration perceived (…) Mme Fillon could not ignore that she committed particularly serious offences”, he confirmed.

A few minutes after the verdict, the couple Fillon has decided to appeal his sentence, as announced by their lawyers to the AFP. “This decision, which is not fair, is going to be appealed (…), there will be a new trial”, announced to the press Antonin Levy, the attorney of François Fillon. A decision confirmed by the lawyer of Penelope Fillon, Pierre Cornut-Gentille, who has denounced a sentence of “severe”.

For the time being, Penelope and Francois Fillon remain convicted of “embezzlement of public funds”, “abuse of many social” and “concealment” of these offenses.