Françoise hardy can no longer sing, his life became a “cauchemar”

Françoise hardy can no longer sing, his life became a

The opportunity for the artist to return on fifty-five years of career marked by tubes like all boys and girls. “My life has become a nightmare, but it’s better not to talk about it too much,” she says desperate. Thanks to 45 radiotherapy sessions, I became deaf of an ear, no longer have saliva, my nasal lanes are no longer irrigated and my back bra no longer, with all the respiratory, hemorrhagic, food problems that it has been causing for two years.”

His fight for euthanasiaa terrible observation for the woman of dutronc jacques (although they are separated) who recently expressed on the debate around euthanasia. A revolting situation according to the bold french frigidness who wants it to French politicians. “honest to the deputies who have done everything to prevent the proposed legalization of euthanasia from advancing!”

The artist has been denouncing the attractiveness of the French state for several months now, and has repeatedly expressed herself on the subject. She knows that in her condition, she could resort to it one day, to the great dam of her son.