Frank delay (2be3) comes back on the death of filip nikolic, “something neuroses and anxious”

Frank delay (2be3) comes back on the death of filip nikolic,

Guest in the tpmp show on May 7, 2021,Frank delay made new confidences regarding the death of filip nikolic, who died on September 16, 2009 at only 35 years old. Questioned his relationship with his childhood friend, the 47-year-old actor confided that he had almost no connection with the leader of the 2be3. However inseparable, the former members of the boys band would have suddenly moved away and their link would eventually stretch over time.

He says: “I had more contact almost eight months before he left, but I heard noises like what it wasn’t. He was someone who was neurotic and anxious, it was an extreme on everything he was doing. Does frank think that filip would have voluntarily given himself death?

On his side, a slutty valerie (the ex of filip nikolic and mother of his daughter sasha) is convinced that the interpreter of the title one day never wished to commit suicide. Upset by the sudden death of filip, she added: “filip would be so proud of her daughter.”