Fred Willard’s death : his daughter, Hope shattered, the celebrities moved

His face was well known to the general public. Comedian Fred Willard died of natural causes on may 15 at the age of 86 years. He had played in many films and tv series, and in recent years he was camping with brilliance the role of Frank Dunphy in Modern Family. By a strange coincidence, his character was also the death at the beginning of the year, in the eleventh and final season of the series.

Contacted by People, the daughter of the actor, Hope Mulbarger, has confirmed the sad news : “My father died peacefully last night at the age magnificent of 86 years. He never stopped moving, to work and make us happy until the very end. We loved him so much.” A big loss for the only daughter of Fred Willard who finds himself an orphan, since she had already lost her mom, Mary, in 2018. Mary and Fred were married in 1968 and spun again, 50 years after, the great love.

In addition to a career spanning 50 years, Fred Willard has truly left his imprint on the big and small screen. At the cinema, will be remembered particularly of him in the films this is Spinal Tap (1894), and Anchorman (2004) and in tv series Roseanne, mad about you, everybody loves Raymond and of course Modern Family.

Since the announcement da his death the tributes of the biggest celebrities are linked together. Jamie Lee Curtis remembers fondly of the opportunity she has had in the past to work with this genius of comedy. Ben Stiller, who has just lost his dad, note that Fred could make “anything funny”. Its partners, Anchorman Christina Applegate and Steve Carell will remember them of his “immense talent”.