Free Britney – His brother balance on its trusteeship: “She no longer wants it”

The Free movement Britney is gaining momentum. To such a point that the discrete-brother of the artist, Bryan, on more than a rare interview, has decided to take the floor to extinguish the controversy. The eldest of the siblings, Spears, aged 43 years, was recently appointed to the podcast As NOT Seen on TV about this famous guardianship.

“She has always wanted to get rid of…”

“She is caught up in this thing for quite some time now. Obviously, she needed to at the beginning,” he explained. Remember that Britney (who is now 38 years old) decides nothing of his life, his finances, his music, his children, or what they post on social networks since his father was appointed legal guardian standing, in 2008 at the time of his breakdown. His fortune has also been placed in the hands of his father and his lawyer Andrew Wallet.
“Now, they have made changes and all we can do is pray that it works,” said Bryan Spears, stating that the trusteeship had been “great family”. Decidedly there to defend the guardianship, Bryan Spears says, “keep talking” with Britney, who wants to regain his freedom. “She has always wanted to get rid of it. This is really frustrating. Then someone comes in peace trying to help her, she does not always appreciate. Having someone that tells you constantly what to do, it must be frustrating. She wanted to get rid of for a good time”, he continued.

Note thatin may last, guardianship, supposed to be temporary, has been extended until August 22, 2020. This is now over twelve years that Britney is no longer free.

Guardianship is an extreme measure used for those who have severe mental health problems and/or are unable to manage their family and their finances. Generally, persons placed under guardianship are over a short period of time, which is not the case of Britney.

In addition, in twelve years, Britney has held three tours and as many albums, interviews and promotion. At 38 years of age, she seems more than capable of sharing the custody of her son, Jayden (13 years old) and Sean (14 years old) or even having the hand on its finances and its heritage. For now, Kevin Federline has full custody of the children.

Driving prohibition

But for Bryan Spears, nothing serious or disturbing that Britney is not free. “I know that this is what she wants, but what is the reality of it ? Is this is feasible ? So she will just have to call and make reservations all alone ? I am sure that there must be an adjustment phase. Let’s say that if it becomes free, any task will probably be… a big challenge. Like driving. This is the worst driver in the world. But it is good for her, because she has never had to lead”, develops the brother of the artist, without realizing how much the fact that nobody would drive Britney is in itself disturbing.