Gabano (The Villa) while the muscles : a photo of her physical transformation

As revealed in the Princes of love, passed by the Villa of broken hearts and The Marseille vs. the rest of the world, Gabano has become an emblematic figure in the middle of the reality tv. The young man has yet left the filming for a moment to devote to his new career as an influencer.

With over 500,000 subscribers to his counter, Gabano sharing essentially all of its secrets to having a dream body. A lover of sports and a healthy diet, he never hesitates to reveal the result of its intensive efforts to shots of sexy photos on Instagram. It must be said that achieving his goals was a long-term work for the man who is considered as one of the greatest seducers of the small screen.

What a mind !

A few days ago, he decided to post a before/after entering to motivate his community to follow in his footsteps. On the first image, Gabano appears with a few curves, while on the second, he appears muscular, with abs of concrete. “I think it is time to show you this photo ! The BEFORE/AFTER. No doubt my training and my diets have been proven ! All this to say that with some training, a good diet and the will anything is possible !! You are more to follow my trainings and my videos on the power and I find it really great!! I regularly share with you all my training and my secrets so that you too can reach your goals. Now, it is up to you to play the Team !”, legend-t-he, proud.

In comments, many have praised his motivation, and have been impressed with his new figure is impeccable. “Amazing”, “Bravo !!”, “Beautiful result, I have to admit the change I love”, “What a mind ! An example,” “These two photos are a source of motivation”, can we read.